Isabella Banania

Jr. Instructor
(2nd Dan)

Always attentive and kind to her juniors. She is an amazing assistant who sets a great example of respectful behavior as a Martial Artist.

"Hello my name is Isabella, I started taekwondo when I was 9 years old, I took a bit of a break but have returned with even more drive for taekwondo when I realized it really was my true passion and my main sport, and how this Dojang holds a special place in my heart. My goal is to enhance and assist students skills, providing and coaching just like how it was 9 years ago when I was a little girl and trained under the guidance of Master Ryu. I want our students to build confidence as martial arts practitioners. Diving into something you have never learned before isn’t easy, but then enhancing, and perfecting the craft is what I find the beauty of Taekwondo. I’m honoured to uphold the title as an assistant instructor, the satisfaction of coaching and seeing improvement and confidence being built from our students always without a doubt puts a smile on my face."