Veronika Kaplya

Jr. Instructor
(3rd Dan)

Always take responsibility and assist training charismatically. She has been learning Taekwondo under Master Ryu's guidance since she was a little girl.

"I have been on my journey as a martial arts practitioner ever since I was 10 years old. Taekwondo has done so much more for me than just help increase my physical strength. Thanks to Taekwondo I have grown mentally and spiritually, it has helped me with my self confidence, as well as helping me learn discipline and how to deal with my emotions. And this is what I want to accomplish as an Instructor, I want to help my dear students with their physical and mental struggles, and help them get rid of any negative energy that they may have in their lives through the spirit of Taekwondo. I have taken multiple breaks in my journey but I came back every time with more will to train and improve than ever, this is because Taekwondo is my true passion and I cannot imagine myself and my life without it."