What Classes We Offer

Our Tiger classes (children) are designed to not only be fun but to engage into lessons that will improve their social, concentration, cognitive, and motor skills during the most important developmental stages of their lives.

Youth students will build up strong foundation in technique which leads to refined artistic motion. With preserving efforts, our students will increase their level of concentration in taekwondo which will strengthen confidence and self-defense skills.

Gain Taekwondo benefits in agility, muscular endurance, flexibility while relieving stress in our Adult classes. You will gain self-confidence and there is no prior training or experience required!

What People Are Saying About Us
Master Ryu teaches our kids Taekwondo with commitment and passion. For the past 5 months my daughter has improved her confidence, focus and self control.…
- Chavdar Iliev
Great teaching for children and adults. We all learned a lot with master Ryu!
- Yue Xi
I have been practicing taekwondo with Master Ryu for the last three months and I highly recommended it. His passion for taekwondo made him unique.…
- Ana De Pablos
I recomend Master Ryu to anyone of my friends and family. His a great teacher to my daughter and helps her alot not just for…
- Jake Ochodek